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So, the lovely guildenfern tagged me for both of these. Prepare to be underwhelmed…..

Name five random things about yourself:

  1. I don’t drink coffee, unless we’re talking frappés.
  2. I have a scar on my left index finger due to a mishap with a knife when I was a kid.
  3. For someone who can’t cook, I watch a lot of cookery shows!
  4. I have a habit of running my hands through my hair when I’m stressed.
  5. I swear a lot more than you’d think.

List ten books that have stayed with you in some way:

This is in no particular order. The first two are a BIG surprise (As I’m sure those who know me well will agree….)

  1. Les Misérables – Victor Hugo
  2. The Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux
  3. The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach
  4. The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt
  5. Goodnight Mister Tom – Michelle Magorian
  6. Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
  7. Rat Bohemia – Sarah Schulman
  8. The Death of the Poet – N Quentin Woolf
  9. The Pride – Alexi Kaye Campbell
  10. The History Boys – Alan Bennett

And yes, I am fully aware that the last two are plays, sue me.

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Have a go, if you like!

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did you ever become friends with someone so beautiful?  and then they started telling you about the douchebags in their lives that did horrible things to them, like cheat and lie. and the only thing running through your mind is “who would ever want to hurt someone like you?”

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